The one thing I get wrong in SPAs every single time

Don’t leave route transitions for last

It’s a luxury when you get the chance to hack away at your private projects during the blissful time between Christmas and New Year’s. I managed to make several single-page apps (SPAs). I like the “mini-hackathon,” where you (kind of, subconsciously) review all your projects from the year and correct the mistakes you made while time and money were an issue.

With several years of Vue apps done (my first more extensive project back in 2017, with Vue 2), I always leave one thing out in the initial workflow:

Route transitions

Those are so much pain and much harder to implement once your content structure (in HTML) is done, but you didn’t think about the transitions… so your elements are messed up, positioning is wonky, and the flow won’t become smooth.

Nailing down the transitions first - this is my biggest takeaway from 2022 (and 2021)!